Friday, January 30, 2009

And so we begin.....

Well....not a the very beginning, because thats a long time ago. I have been knitting since I was about 5 or 6.
There used to be a children's story radio programme when I was young. Every Sunday morning I remember waking up and sitting up in bed, listening to the stories and knitting for my Barbie.
I made her a variety of "super hot " clothes. She wore knitted hot pants, and cardigans with teeny tiny sleeves.
Its a shame that none of her wardrobe survived my teenage years.
Theres been a lot of knitting done since then.
A lot of baby clothes for my 2 daughters. A massive amount has been knitted for my wee grandson Jonothan ( shown with me in my profile pic ). And now, theres a new grandbaby on the way !. I am so excited.
I must say, I would love a little granddaughter.
Will keep you posted.
Currently, I am knitting " Kiri ". Downlaodable from Ravelry. I am using a 2 ply wool blend.
Its coming along nicely, I guess its halfway at the moment.
I am also about to make a pile of pink and blue bootees for a gift shop. I supply them every 3 months or so and I love adding the ribbons and embroidery to the little shoes.